8 Winds, 4 Directions, 3 Fates, Nigel Pennick … a brief note

Notes on Muses and Fates, by Nigel Pennick with Helen Field, Capall Bann, 2004:

A medieval interpretation of the characteristics of the winds, based on the prevailing winds of the southern Mediterranean, and echoed in Agrippa (chapter VI), gives rise to a different assignment of Empedoclean elements to cardinal directions from that used by most Neopagans:
in this diagram, the quarter winds have been assigned values of hot-cold or wet-dry, and the elements are assigned to the cardinal directions according to the intersections of these characteristics and the description of the elements by Aristotle.

This is not in the book to say, “Look, here is One True Way”: in fact, the point is that one can make such assignments after immersing onesself in the lore and the experience of the local winds.

For dessert, we have some correspondences to moon phases:

There is much more of interest in this book, of course. I hope to have a full review later. As usual, Pennick provides much rich food for the mind and soul.

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  1. Just now finished the book. I am tempted to let the following addition stand as my review:


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