Foreshadowing of Fortune: The Winged Bull (plus …)

“I don’t read fiction1,” I am often caught saying, but it does have an “unless” clause. In this case, it was “unless I feel overloaded with study and just want to be led down a primrose path for a bit.” A few days ago, I treated myself to a spirit bath and started reading Dion Fortune’s The Winged Bull while soaking in the tub. “Preposterous!” I thought, “this stodgy Brit, having a rough life between the wars, is having Pagan close encounters in the British Museum?” Not likely to finish this … until the next such bathtime, when I got seriously sucked in to it. I am a little past the halfway point (is that describing a Part of Fortune? haha), so this is a tease and not a review; but I have already derived real inspiration from this fantasy tale by a real Mage. Stay tuned for an actual review, here on Tease Central, the entertainment arm of Coincidence Control …

I’m also expecting to review Occult Detective comics from Bob Freeman fairly soon, maybe even before I find out what my Fortune is!


1. That’s now. I spent 25 years trying to read all the “best” fiction, and about 12 trying to read all the SF ever written, plus a couple of years worth of beach books.

[Complimentary review copy from Red Wheel/Weiser gratefully acknowledged, opinions my own, your mileage may vary, usw.]

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Healer, Celto-Cherokee Pagan, Priest, Frater of the Church of the Hermetic Sciences, sometime writer, astrologer.
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