Review of Dolphin Gate Book I: the Crown of Ptah

When thunderously terrible things happen, evil things that shake and remake a world, and then they are simply buried and forgotten, they tend to cause … issues later. Sometimes a long time later.

The legend or memory of Atlantis tugs at our spirits. It was safely forgotten: Plato’s hints dismissed as allegory, skeptics claiming a lack of hard evidence. Now, they are beginning to seem like the last generation of geologists who harrumphed at plate tectonics. Sure, the edges of the major continents fit together like so many puzzle pieces, but that was “coincidence,” or the Creator having a little fun on a long-ago Monday morning. Now, the question is, what actually happens when the glaciers melt and sea level rises by 125 feet or more world-wide? That happened, a few minutes ago on the geological timeline …

Picking up the thread of the Atlantis mystery, Elizabeth Carreker-Downs is weaving a story of what happens when that buried past strains at its bonds and begins to break free. Her protagonist, Brenna, is a psychic detective and owner of a metaphysical shop. Her very realistic mix of talents and fears make her a very sympathetic character, and the events of this novel open broad vistas into a might-have-been past, a past of glorious spiritual attainment, which inevitably, some tainted with greed and ambition.

This is the classic legend of Atlantis brought into today’s esoteric world. Long ago, Brenna was reprieved from her tragic past life, but now it’s catching up again. She’s pulled into this latest chapter of the ancient saga because of her psychic skills, but they are a weakness as well as a strength, and soon she will need more. That’s it, you get no spoilers.

There are only two downsides to this book, as noted by Lilith: it ends too suddenly, making one wish the next book were at hand; and there were too many punctuation and editing errors. But, since I am still itching to start the next volume several days after finishing this one, I’m safe in recommending that you ignore that and get on with it.

Dolphin Gate is available in a Kindle edition from Amazon, or in paperback from Lulu.

[Complimentary review copy from the author (a friend) gratefully acknowledged, opinions my own, your mileage may vary, etc., none of which could possibly induce me to write a puff piece; if I don’t like a book, I ignore it or pan it.]

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