Review of Chemical Serpents

My review of Anton Channing’s Chemical Serpents – Silver Edition is up on Spiralnature!

I enjoyed the book, as you can see, and I especially like that once the review was posted, I didn’t find “one more typo” to correct.

OK, actually, I did find one, AFTER saying that. Can you find it?

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Healer, Celto-Cherokee Pagan, Priest, Frater of the Church of the Hermetic Sciences, sometime writer, astrologer.
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2 Responses to Review of Chemical Serpents

  1. Lilith found it, and another minor one. Figures.

  2. Thanks for doing the first review of this book. As for typos, I have to say all credit to my proofreader for the first 50 pages of it being seemingly error free. Even one every couple of pages on the remaining pages pales next to the draft copies of this book which had several errors per page. Still, I guess there is always room for improvement!
    I also agree that it is curious I left out Levi from the bibliography! I must have been in some kind of trance when I wrote the Baphomet section. I probably also left out a few alchemical works referenced in the text, mainly because I was discussing their illustrations rather than their textual content. But not in all cases.
    Things for me to consider for future editions I guess. :)

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