Hamlet’s Mill FINALLY in print again!

(P)review copyright 2015() Freeman Presson, all rights reserved

I had been pestering Godine about the re-release of this book for…I won’t say how long (but I’ll show you the video if you want). You see, I have a very peculiar relationship with this book. I was at MIT (where de Santanilla was teaching)  when it was first out. I walked right by a big display of the book at the Tech Coop. I thought, “Oh, that’s the book Jerry Lettvin told me to read. I’ll do that when I have money.”

Fast-forward forty years after I forgot to go back and get the book, and Poke Runyon is telling me to read it. Only by now, it’s rare and OOP, and I’m short of funds again. I wait. I look up the last known publisher and write them an email; find out they’re planning to reprint. I make a fool of myself announcing the release date. Then it’s deferred. I make a fool of myself announcing the new release date. And again. And again.

Today, I am only a bit into chapter II, and this book is already on my desert-island list.

I’m also glad that I read E. M. W. Tillyard’s classic The Elizabethan World Picture first, for confirmation of just how Hermetic the world-view was until well after the time of Shakespeare.

Amazon has a very low price on the book now. Jump on it: Hamlet’s Mill: An Essay Investigating the Origins of Human Knowledge And Its Transmission Through Myth

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Healer, Celto-Cherokee Pagan, Priest, Frater of the Church of the Hermetic Sciences, sometime writer, astrologer.
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