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Hamlet’s Mill FINALLY in print again!

(P)review copyright 2015() Freeman Presson, all rights reserved I had been pestering Godine about the re-release of this book for…I won’t say how long (but I’ll show you the video if you want). You see, I have a very peculiar … Continue reading

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One more Stonehenge clue

copyright 2013() Freeman Presson, all rights reserved Stonehenge has probably pulled ahead of Atlantis in the race to inspire the most speculation. The latest article, complete with audio files, demonstrates the acoustic properties of the bluestones which formed the first … Continue reading


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Review of Dramatic Ritual (Best of the Equinox, Volume II)

“… it is no secret that the falling away of all nations from religion… is due to the fact that the fire no longer burns in the sacred lamp.” — Aleister Crowley Review copyright 2013 () Freeman Presson, all rights … Continue reading

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Review of Dolphin Gate Book I: the Crown of Ptah

When thunderously terrible things happen, evil things that shake and remake a world, and then they are simply buried and forgotten, they tend to cause … issues later. Sometimes a long time later. The legend or memory of Atlantis tugs … Continue reading

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Review of The Lost Worlds of Ancient America

This new title from New Page is a change-up for this blog, but I’m returning to an old interest: I read Barry Fell’s groundbreaking America B.C. in about 1992, and subscribed to a couple of newsletters. The present work is … Continue reading

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