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… which does not involve putting on my magic ring and disappearing. I’ve been devoting a great deal of time to developing my synthesis of healing methods, and I am now unveiling my Career 2.0 project, Hermetic Healing Works. I will … Continue reading

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Sigils, History, etc.

In my exploration of magic, I did some things backwards. Actually, by some standards I’m doing the whole thing from the middle to the beginning and back out again. Chaos Magic, and in particular, the modern method of “sigil” magic, … Continue reading


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The Reënchantment Project

Copyright 2012 () Freeman Presson, all rights reserved I think that modern physics has definitely decided in favor of Plato. In fact the smallest units of matter are not physical objects in the ordinary sense; they are forms, ideas which … Continue reading

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Defining Paganism, last try

I, too, have struggled in the past with the definition of that squirrelly umbrella term, “Paganism.” I wrote about it here and on other forums in the past. I have joined in the yearning for a better term (something with … Continue reading

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