About Freeman and his Alleged Blog

As of

A long-time member of the Pagan community in central Alabama, I serve as Namen (chief priest) of Temple Zagduku, alongside my wife, Lilith.

I am also studying the Hermetic tradition with the Church of the Hermetic Sciences (hence you may see me sign things as Fra. Ophis sometimes).

Before that, I was in a Zen school for 13 years, and I may have done some Metis Madness out in the woods occasionally.

I have written for various Pagan print and Web periodicals, some of which did not die as a result.

My positive book reviews outnumber the negative ones, because when I receive something uninteresting to review, I usually don’t read it. Ars longa, vita brevis!

As of 2013-04-24, I’m enrolled in the Amazon Associates program, so some of my book links are salted with the “pay this man his referral fee” code. You prefer that to a begging button, right? I’m just trying to deal enough to support my own habit!

Even if I forget to assert it on each post, all content on this blog is:
Copyright [As Dated] Freeman Presson, all rights reserved.

Testing Google+ for authorship ID.


4 Responses to About Freeman and his Alleged Blog

  1. Stone Mason says:

    Just wondering if i can share some of your reviews on my site. All links and copyright remain intact, of course. Thanks, and keep writing!

  2. John Fay says:

    I read a comment of yours on “Works of Literata” where you say that the Universal Life Church is recognized by the state of Alabama. Do you know how I can document that, or find official confirmation? My nephew and his fiancee have asked me to become ordained in order to perform their wedding, and I just want to perform due diligence before I tell them that I’ll do it.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    John Fay

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