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… which does not involve putting on my magic ring and disappearing. I’ve been devoting a great deal of time to developing my synthesis of healing methods, and I am now unveiling my Career 2.0 project, Hermetic Healing Works. I will … Continue reading

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Each planet has a solar cycle (phase cycle), that is, the period from one solar conjunction to the next. The most obvious such cycle is that of the Moon. I’m going to start with the Moon and then consider how … Continue reading

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Magical Hip-gnosis post (from the archives)

(This went up on my livejournal on 2011-04-10) This is from the I-thought-I-invented-this-until-I-saw-it-in-a-book1 dep’t: A few years ago, I started doing magical hypnosis work. Right away, I hit on the idea of programming keywords by way of post-hypnotic suggestion. I … Continue reading


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Pens for Talismanic drawing?

I’ve been using Pilot V5s (like these: Pilot Precise V5 Stick Rolling Ball Pens) because Poke Runyon recommended them, now I see these ultra-fine pens (Sakura 50075 16-Piece Pigma Micron 05 Assorted Colors) that look even better for “close” work. … Continue reading

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Sigils, History, etc.

In my exploration of magic, I did some things backwards. Actually, by some standards I’m doing the whole thing from the middle to the beginning and back out again. Chaos Magic, and in particular, the modern method of “sigil” magic, … Continue reading

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Astrobabble, bad and good

copyright 2013() Freeman Presson, all rights reserved My favorite piece of egregious astrobabble, of course, is from Hair: When the moon is in the Seventh House, And Jupiter aligns with Mars; Then peace will guide the planets, And love will … Continue reading

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The Reënchantment Project

Copyright 2012 () Freeman Presson, all rights reserved I think that modern physics has definitely decided in favor of Plato. In fact the smallest units of matter are not physical objects in the ordinary sense; they are forms, ideas which … Continue reading

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Mercury Cazimi Talisman Consecration

And now for something completely different … wherein I publish a note from my Magical Record. This is pretty close to a traditional consecration; but check out what Polyphanes did if you want a completely pimped-out ritual. 0550 – 0640 … Continue reading

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Singing the Morning Song and Meaning It

This is a random memory from a number of years ago, the year my sister Freedom Heart visited. We went to pow-wow at Sequoyah Caverns (yes, the good old days). My son Robert was with us, so I had brought … Continue reading

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Defining Pagan, Witch, etc.

This comes up a lot, still. There is much confusion, not only for new folks, but sometimes for the rest of us, on the definition of various terms such as Pagan, Witch, and Wiccan. In this essay, I am not … Continue reading

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