Mercury Cazimi Talisman Consecration

And now for something completely different … wherein I publish a note from my Magical Record. This is pretty close to a traditional consecration; but check out what Polyphanes did if you want a completely pimped-out ritual.

0550 – 0640 Mercury Cazimi election
Printed materials received from Spiritus_Mundi list(an awesome resource, run by Christopher Warnock of Renaissance Astrology fame). Opened Temple. Used suffumigation of frankincense with Picatrix invocation. Referred all to Ningishzida and my throat center as well. Also consecrated an orange calcite.

Fig 1. Talisman obverse. I doodled red color on the cap, as He seemed to want something like that, and my nice set of Precision V5 pens does not include orange.

Fig. 2 Sigilae of Mercury for reverse

Hail unto you, O Mercury, O Lord, excellent, trustworthy, full of understanding, speaker, understandable, you who dispute, you who know every science, you calculator, writer, of beautiful custom, who know what happens on heaven and on earth, you lord, noble, you who have little joy, who are useful to goods and trade, Lord of cunning, of perjury and of cleverness, you helper, patient, smart, of skillful hand, lord of revelation and of prophets, of the proof of divinity, of belief, of understanding, of speech, of messages, of good teaching, of various sciences, Of discernment, of insight, of good education, of philosophy, of prognostics, of the mathematics of heavenly and earthly bodies, of surveying, of the science of the stars, of augury, of the art of casting lots, of rhetoric, of verisfying, of the book, of the divans, of eloquence, of sweet, quick and fine speech, of impenetrability, Of quickness in trade, of much self-wandering, of lies, of elegance, of firmness, of helpfulness, of adaptability, of patience, of well-wishing, of goodness, of mercy, of quiet, of dignity, of self-control, of proper veneration of divinity, of consideration of rights and of beautiful voice.

You are hidden, so that no nature knows of you, and fine, so that you can be defined by no description; thus you are a bringer of fortune with the: fortunate stars, masculine with the masculine, feminine with the feminine, daily with the day stars, nightly with the night stars, you make yourself like unto their nature and approximate them in all their circumstances.

I call on you by all your names, in Arabic, Hotarit [Utarid]; in Latin, Mercurius; in Roman, Haruz [Harus], [in Greek Hermes]; in Persian, Tyr [Tir]; in Indian, Meda [Budha]; In the name of the angels Arquyl & Harqil who are set over you to complete your effects fill this talisman with your power, spirit and pneuma.

Thanks be unto you, O Mercury!

Closed the Temple with LBRP.

From WP comment to Sam Block(polyphanes):

I just got done doing mine. It was, er, about a tenth of [what you did]. I actually had myself talked out of doing it because of a dream I had while waking up at oh-dark-fifteen. But when I was awake enough to think straight, I decided the dream, having to do with aspects to Venus and Pluto and to my wife’s mental state and something about a friend we saw yesterday at a kid birthday party, didn’t make enough sense to justify being a sessiomagus.

Fortunately, according to Skinner, the drugs for Mercury are amphetamines and all CNS stimulants, so my ritual preparation involved enough strong coffee to keep me upright.

I often do that same trick of consecrating a stone with a parchment talisman; then if I feel like I need to carry that energy, I carry the stone and leave the talisman on my planetary altar. This time there was an orange calcite sitting in front of my printer which smiled at me while I was waiting for the talismanic picture-tricks to print. I don’t remember why I left it there, but I do remember thinking "O Mercury!" when I picked it up originally.

Chart for the Election


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4 Responses to Mercury Cazimi Talisman Consecration

  1. polyphanes says:

    Oh, dude, I didn’t even realize Mercury was in cazimi. I was mostly just “whuh mercury election kay zzzzz”. This is fantastic, as is your ritual setup!

    • Last week, I got it confused with the Spica election for 9/17, and ordered Mercury Oil from Mrs. Oddly, thinking it would get here on time. I have now started putting them on my calendar to help with what’s what.

      • polyphanes says:

        Wait, Spica election? What what what? I really should keep tabs more on Warnock’s Spiritus Mundi…hm. Unclear if I need anything to do with Spica. What I really need is an Alkaid or Vega election, but looking for those makes me sad (so few good times!).

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